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    I'm rehashing my old blog. I'm not very good at sticking to things so we'll see how long this one lasts for. I'll mostly be writing about the food I cook - just our everyday family dinners. I may complain about the dog, she's an Airedale Terrier and she drives me crazy, I'm hoping she will grow out of it but I'm doubtful. The teenagers drive me crazy too, we have almost three and I probably won't write about them very often, they would use it against me. The house, is a cheap old house with pretty bones, we are very slowly making the other bits pretty too, as pretty as we can get her. It's a hard road on a tight budget.

    And life, as I know and experience it. Not too positively it seems, with far too much thinking and not enough doing.

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Edith the Airedale Terrier

Edith the ratbag.

This is naughty Edith. She fills my days with stresses I never knew existed. She eats everything she can find. And she digs holes and rips patches in the lawn. I’m teaching her “bang bang” this week, last week was “roll over”. She sometimes gets the two mixed up which is funny. Often, she’s like … Continue reading

Char Siu Pork

Char Siu Bao, Potstickers, and a long day.

What a feat! I woke up incredibly tired, thinking I just needed more sleep, but now am wondering if I’ve started to develop my son’s cold symptoms. I was worried about ‘fitting everything in’ today, and surely enough, the dog didn’t get a lovely beach walk, nor did her ‘dog waste compost’ get built by … Continue reading

Dinner List 18-24/03/13

To post or not to post?

I’ve been thinking about blogging, posting, writing, whatever you want to label it, again. I think perhaps deleting this ‘blog’ and starting anew might be a good idea. But this is already set up. I just read some old posts and I’m embarrassed. I may read this in two years and feel embarrassed too. If … Continue reading

Emilie's house


To write or not to write. That  is a question currently ruminating in my head. I also feel like vomiting. I think perhaps it is because yesterday it got to 36°C here, and the night-time was not much better. My body is not good with heat and sun and today it’s probably having a whinge. … Continue reading

Oh, neglected blog you are…

Very neglected. My brain feels far too full up with other stuff to write. And I think I’ve been second guessing myself – and that makes me excuse myself from even thinking about blogging, writing, talking, conversing in any type of way. I’d end up deleting most of what I wrote, or regretting it, or … Continue reading

It’s Chocolate time again.

Okay – so I just ate some chocolate. It wasn’t really chocolate as such, but chocolate covered raspberry licorice (that isn’t really proper licorice as such either). I am a woman/girl thing, and I eat chocolate. Yup, it’s really scary to say that because there’s a part of me that hates being a woman/girl thing, … Continue reading