Homegrown Revolution


Great little video about what you really can do with a little bit of earth and a lot of innovation. Advertisements

Hey, it worked!

pencil shavings

I still can’t get a picture to sit on the ‘home’ type page of this blog. There’s a mysterious grey block that looks like it’s waiting to have an image in it, but alas it ain’t working! I’m trying one here instead, “do what you can”. I like pencils, blue, and white backgrounds. Simple. I … Continue reading

Big greedy fat ads covering my first post!!!

Goodness fucking me – so I view my brand new wordpress blog after I log off. And I can’t even read the fucking thing, because there’s this ugly arse ad in the way. I refresh the page, and the ugly arse ad has gone, only to be replaced with a google text ‘link’ – I … Continue reading

Filling the ‘hole’

I am filling the ‘hole’ temporarily. ‘Til tomorrow even – when it’s not so f*kn cold in here and I don’t need to pee quite so much. I took this photo the other day – this stick insect is about the size of a hand. It was on the door when we arrived home one … Continue reading