Adults need Grannies too.

My Granny and I

Yesterday I decided to go for a “walk” – you know, one of those “I better start moving my body, I’m going to put on my walking type clothes and walk up that hill I live next to for the first time in months so I feel like I’m doing something” type of thing.

It’s been a wet and cold couple of weeks, but the sun was out and the birds were singing (la-de-dah). I walked passed the house of an elderly woman hanging out her towels on the washing line, and it made me miss having a Granny.

I haven’t had a Granny in 21 years, and I often say that I’m a granny at heart. Meaning that I like crosswords, making preserves and soup with bones in it, the usual granny type stuff… The slow life! Maybe I’m just lazy, but then again, making preserves isn’t a lazy task. Nor are crosswords come to think of it.

There’s something about the company of a Granny that makes everything else in life seem bearable – even when life is tough going. A cup of tea and the classical radio station, a warm fire and a good smelling pie baking in the oven (yes, I had an almost perfect Granny in my kid-eyes). There was something slow and stable, a solidity of feeling that I miss. Ahh, and then sometimes they die. Being old and all.

Adults need Grannies too.

So what do I do about it? Can I do anything about it? I even thought about advertising for a Granny. But where would I do it, and how mad would they think I am…

“Granny wanted – to visit for cups of tea and talks about life and what it is and was. For preserve making tips and how to grow the best tomatoes. I’ll happily help out around the house and garden and in return you can be my friend… Oh, I’m a bit shy too but I’m sure you’ve figured out how to deal with the shy ones by now.”

What do you think? Is there a more subtle way to do it? Should I try it – or do I settle with the fact that I just don’t have a Granny anymore?


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