Dinner Number Two.

Homemade Pizza

Saturday night, it’s our weekend with the kids (all four of them) but we end up with only one kid in the house. The others have gone in different directions for the night; friends, grandparents, etc. We still have homemade pizza as planned – with bought chips from the fish and chip shop down the … Continue reading

Dinner Number One.

salad for the winter ‘happies’, fettucini and tomato & meat sauce This is the dinner I cooked tonight for the six of us. It’s one of those cheap, quick and easy meals that I make when I can’t be bothered with much else. It goes by a couple of different names, one being “mince and … Continue reading

food makes me happy.

Joy of Cooking

Food makes me happy. My life feels pretty tough sometimes, but I always enjoy cooking. I love to read about food, research, experiment and share. Often, when I’m feeling a little internal – I’ll bake some bread, make a relish, or cook up some comfort food. I can spend hours in the kitchen. Not all … Continue reading

Pretty Danish Chair

I like this. Apparently this is designed in Denmark, made in Japan, and sold in Milan.

Procrastination and then some.


So – this is starting out being one of those blogs about blogs. Because I had an idea (I have many ideas), I started a blog, wrote a little bit, then walked away. My life is full of walks away. From myself, sometimes from others – but that’s another story and too old to rehash … Continue reading