Dinner Number One.

mince and tomatoey stuffsalad for the winter ‘happies’, fettucini and tomato & meat sauce

This is the dinner I cooked tonight for the six of us. It’s one of those cheap, quick and easy meals that I make when I can’t be bothered with much else. It goes by a couple of different names, one being “mince and tomatoey stuff” (mince being ground beef in america), and the other being “spaghetti bolognaise” (which it probably technically isn’t but who cares). I often change the vegetables depending on the season, and the salad was a treat. It’s cold and wintry here, but the lettuce was only $1.25 and the tomatoes weren’t too expensive either. I used the last of the fresh basil that is sitting on top of my stereo, getting the little winter sun we have at the moment, and we had some left-over french bread from yesterday’s lunch so I made that into rough garlicky croutons for some extra crunch.

I am happy to be emailed with recipe requests – not that I use a recipe, but I have a pretty good memory.

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2 Responses to “Dinner Number One.”
  1. judith Streat says:

    yumm, we had nasty F&C coz the cook was on strike. Make the most of cooking for a family, although I’m not the cook I suspect it’s not as rewarding just cooking for two.

    • ahh, I go on strike once in a while too. I think it’s cooking for another adult that I enjoy the most. I like cooking with mushrooms or fish when the kids are away for a night. No complaining and more for us! I’m on partial strike this evening and we’re getting chips from the shop to go with homemade pizza.

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