Dinner Number Four.

Beef and Noodle Stirfry

Eggnoodles, thinly sliced marinated beef, and cashews. Yum!

I forgot to post last night’s dinner. I was so tired and full of too many sads and my memory eluded me at the time. ‘Twas meatballs and ‘special’ sauce. I’ll have to post the recipe some day, there are a couple of secret ingredients that make them pretty yummy.

Anyway, tonight it was yet another stirfry. I’ve been tired of late, and we have very little in the way of money. So stirfry seems like a good option. Dried egg noodles are under $2 at the supermarket, and the beef is scotch fillet that I found reduced to clear and cheaper than rump. I finely sliced and marinated the beef in: garlic, ginger, dark and light soya sauces, mirin, pepper, chilli flakes, ground coriander seeds, and a little sesame oil. The cashews were purchased on a whim… well truthfully maybe I kind of planned it, but it was a naughty purchase – a treat! I went to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread earlier this evening, and came back with cashew nuts, a newspaper, mushrooms and the bread.

I stirfried the beef very quickly and a hot wok with some bran oil – took it out and started cooking the vegetables. “Hard to soft”, I like to organise my chopping board with the vegetables from the longest to cook to the quickest so it’s easy to chuck each pile in when needed. Everything cooks so quickly and you really don’t want to overcook a stirfry.

I added the slightly pre-cooked noodles (sometimes I just soak them) and a mixture to make the sauce last (water, chicken stock [well oxo cube and water really], more soya sauce, a little cornflour, more chilli, etc).

The younger kids attempted to eat with chopsticks but had forks in reserve (which they used in the end). I’m looking forward to them all being in bed so I can sit down and watch Nurse Jackie on the t.v.

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