I’ve made this into hard work.

Really. I keep avoiding even looking on here. I’ve successfully turned it into yet another of those ‘hard work’ piles. The ones I try to avoid at all costs – because I’m lazy? I don’t know.

Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist. Not with my writing, which I don’t care about so much, but with the lay-out, photo’s, etc. I spend far too long dicking around trying to make everything look as nice as I can get it within the constraints of this wordpress theme. Which is quite constraining I have to say, not that I’ve even attempted to go near the CSS, but this font (if I remember correctly, I’m typing this in a different font) is rather small and difficult to read for some eyes.

Blah. It’s a cold day today. I have no money and very little drive. I’ve looked at the job websites, oh yipee. I put the dishes away, and I even prettied my face some. I’ve made some annoying phone calls to some annoying government agencies. I was nice to some of them, and short with the rude ones. I could go and do some garage tidying, like I could have yesterday. Sometimes I wished I smoked pot – I’m sure that this is about the time that pot smokers smoke pot. But I can’t – it makes me feel like the world is ending and it’s incredibly terrifying really. I don’t drink (hardly) and it is the middle of the day. I don’t believe in god so I can’t pray to the ether for something to do.

My Dad would tell me to go and tidy my room – oh wait, that was about 20 years ago. Perhaps he’d tell me to find a hobby these days.


At least I wrote something eh…

One Response to “I’ve made this into hard work.”
  1. Ma says:

    Tsk tsk… See what happens when you get so bored and unmotivated like this? You get shook up by Karma to get you off your butt and give you stuff to do! [teasing]

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