Oh, neglected blog you are…

Very neglected. My brain feels far too full up with other stuff to write. And I think I’ve been second guessing myself – and that makes me excuse myself from even thinking about blogging, writing, talking, conversing in any type of way. I’d end up deleting most of what I wrote, or regretting it, or worrying that someone I didn’t want to read it; would.

I never was much for the subject of English – I often can’t figure out where apostrophes go, and I know I use these: ‘-‘ all the time. It’s like an Emilie pause, I think they’re bigger than commas (see, I wondered if I should have an apostrophe there, I don’t think so though so I’ll leave it out). I love spelling, but have never been much of a grammar person. I don’t want to care that much, or maybe I know I’m not that good at it – and because I’d prefer not to be wrong, I pretend I don’t care instead, or trick myself into not caring. Oh, I’m confused by myself now!


Yes, well I feel like my head’s stuffed with cotton wool. My eyes are sore, and I’m hot. But I must start thinking about dinner and how it’ll end up in everyone’s mouths soon. Everyone’s? Is the apostrophe with the right place? And shit! I’m whingeing, caught blogging . period overdue . body temperature in overdrive .


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