To post or not to post?

I’ve been thinking about blogging, posting, writing, whatever you want to label it, again. I think perhaps deleting this ‘blog’ and starting anew might be a good idea. But this is already set up. I just read some old posts and I’m embarrassed. I may read this in two years and feel embarrassed too.

If I post this, then the old post titled ‘Vomit.’ won’t pop up as the most recent post. That’s a good reason to write something. Mostly I want to document food, like all the other food blogs. But nothing fancy, just my dinners, maybe my dinner lists. Do you know I’ve collect almost two whole years of dinners lists? I don’t know what I want to do with them – I have thought about making a blog with only pictures of my dinners lists. Why not? I recently thought about putting them all between some MDF and perspex and using it as a pantry door in our new (but still a long way off) kitchen. I’ve thought about making them into paper cranes and creating a lamp (google it) – but it would be most apt in the kitchen, and paper lampshades and kitchens don’t mix (read dirtiest lampshade ever). I’ll keep on collecting them up every week, stacking them in my nice wee pile, which happens to be in my underwear drawer – I don’t know why – one day I’ll make something with them. Like my chicken wishbones – I have a jar of them. Those I also want to make into a lampshade with wire. I think they would look pretty in the hallway or lounge, suspended delicately with thin wire, wishful shadows?? I dunno.

So – food. I will post next (I intend to anyway, I may forget and write here again in another couple of years) time of Sunday’s dinner which I have already started to prepare. I wouldn’t really call it a dinner as such, but we will eat around dinner time. I was going to make potstickers because they are yummy, I’ve made them before and everyone likes them. They take time to assemble even though I buy pre-made dumpling wrappers. So, being me, I decide to make something else to go with them. Yeah, because why not spend hours and hours in the kitchen? Char Siu Bao – these I’ve never attempted but have discussed making with my son many times. Steamed Chinese barbecue pork buns if you didn’t know what I was talking about, they often come with, in?, dim sum, which I also have never experienced. I figured char siu bao and potstickers are friends. I’ll also make a dipping sauce for the dumplings. YUM. I’m using this recipe as a guide because I’ve used her potsticker recipe and a couple of others before. I enjoy the descriptions and photos and more importantly, the food tastes good! 

Pork marinating in the fridge. Pork mince (ground) defrosting for potstickers. Pigs must be on my minds, we had roast pork last night. Have ham and vegetable soup planned for tomorrow night. Maybe we’ll have fish instead, try and balance it out a little bit. I still have to buy a steamer to steam the buns in. I threw mine out ages ago thinking I would never use it. If I had known how much they cost to buy (bamboo steamers) I wouldn’t have thrown it away… And the quintessential coriander for potstickers.

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