Edith the ratbag.

Edith the Airedale Terrier

I’m a ratbag

This is naughty Edith. She fills my days with stresses I never knew existed. She eats everything she can find. And she digs holes and rips patches in the lawn. I’m teaching her “bang bang” this week, last week was “roll over”. She sometimes gets the two mixed up which is funny. Often, she’s like “what the fuck?” – why do you want me to do that, where are my treats and they better be good treats. I did read up on airedales before I got her, I just don’t think I really listened to what the reality was going to be like. She is a handful and a half. Luckily she is cute and clever and silly too.

Her new pooh pot is installed and being used (I mentioned that in my last post). It still smells bad, I’m hoping those enzyme thingies will work and it will stop smelling. Well, atleast it makes life a little bit easier.

We’re getting ready to put up a garage soon. It was bought second hand and dismantled into wall sized pieces. We’ve had it leaning on the fence with a big tarpaulin over it for months. We finished the concrete pad a couple of weeks ago. That was a mission in itself.


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