I’ve made this into hard work.

Really. I keep avoiding even looking on here. I’ve successfully turned it into yet another of those ‘hard work’ piles. The ones I try to avoid at all costs – because I’m lazy? I don’t know. Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist. Not with my writing, which I don’t care about so much, but … Continue reading

Whitebait fritters and salad

Dinner Number Five.

Dinner tonight. I had the whitebait in the freezer – my Dad gave it to me the other day (thanks Dad!). Whitebait is hard to come by and very expensive here, so it was a bit of a treat. Especially to share between two. If you want more information on New Zealand Whitebait, here’s a … Continue reading

Beef and Noodle Stirfry

Dinner Number Four.

I forgot to post last night’s dinner. I was so tired and full of too many sads and my memory eluded me at the time. ‘Twas meatballs and ‘special’ sauce. I’ll have to post the recipe some day, there are a couple of secret ingredients that make them pretty yummy. Anyway, tonight it was yet … Continue reading

Dinner Number Three.

This is simple, filling, and kind of reminds me of my childhood. I used a little bit of bacon, ginger, and garlic for flavour. Some sesame oil, soya sauces, chilli and fish sauces. Cut up pieces of omelette, vegetables and a few extras. Yum.

Homemade Pizza

Dinner Number Two.

Saturday night, it’s our weekend with the kids (all four of them) but we end up with only one kid in the house. The others have gone in different directions for the night; friends, grandparents, etc. We still have homemade pizza as planned – with bought chips from the fish and chip shop down the … Continue reading

Dinner Number One.

salad for the winter ‘happies’, fettucini and tomato & meat sauce This is the dinner I cooked tonight for the six of us. It’s one of those cheap, quick and easy meals that I make when I can’t be bothered with much else. It goes by a couple of different names, one being “mince and … Continue reading